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Godewind Christmas Tour 2017



Godewind On Christmas Tour


▪ Freitag, 27. November 2015 20:00 - 22:00
▪ Heide  ::  Weihnachten
▪ Samstag, 28. November 2015 20:00 - 22:00
▪ Cuxhaven  ::  Weihnachten
▪ Sonntag, 29. November 2015 17:00 - 19:00
▪ Harpstedt  ::  Weihnachten
▪ Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2015 20:00 - 22:00
▪ Neumünster  ::  Weihnachten
▪ Samstag, 5. Dezember 2015 20:00 - 22:00
▪ Ascheberg  ::  Weihnachten
▪ Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2015 18:00 - 21:00
▪ Wacken  ::  Weihnachten
▪ Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2015 20:00 - 22:00
▪ Niebüll  ::  Weihnachten
▪ Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2015 20:00 - 22:00
▪ Rendsburg  ::  Weihnachten
▪ Freitag, 11. Dezember 2015 20:00 - 22:00
▪ Mölln  ::  Weihnachten
▪ Samstag, 12. Dezember 2015 20:00 - 22:00
▪ Unna  ::  Weihnachten
▪ Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2015 20:00 - 22:00
▪ Norderstedt  ::  Weihnachten
▪ Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2015 20:00 - 22:00
▪ Cloppenburg  ::  Weihnachten
▪ Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2015 20:00 - 22:00
▪ Eckernförde  ::  Weihnachten
▪ Freitag, 18. Dezember 2015 20:00 - 22:00
▪ Itzehoe  ::  Weihnachten
▪ Samstag, 19. Dezember 2015 20:00 - 22:00
▪ Fürstenau  ::  Weihnachten
▪ Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2015 17:00 - 19:00
▪ Bremen  ::  Weihnachten
▪ Montag, 21. Dezember 2015 20:00 - 22:00
▪ Flensburg  ::  Weihnachten
▪ Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2015 20:00 - 22:00
▪ Kiel  ::  Weihnachten
▪ Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015 20:00 - 22:00
 Husum  ::  Weihnachten


Jill Brber

Since March 2015 the new Jill Barber album is out .

 Fool's Gold  - OUTSIDE MUSIC

Vertrieb: CARGO Records Germany GmbH

At first listen, what sets Jill Barber apart is her distinctive

voice. But it’s her ability to write an immediately memorable

song that has made her one of Canada’s most recognizable


On Fool's Gold, her 6th studio album, Jill continues to explore

different musical styles, from traditional country, to jazz and

Motown, though she rarely works neatly within the confines

of any one genre.


"Fool's Gold" Tour 2015


29-sep-15 Leiden, NL Gebr de Nobel
2-oct-15 Neuchetel, CH Case a Chocs
4-oct-15 Frankfurt, DE Brotfabrik
5-oct-15 Berlin, DE Privatclub
6-oct-15 Hamburg, DE Stage Club
8-oct-15 London, UK The Troubadour
9-oct-15 Milton Keynes, UK - The Stables
10-oct 15 Amstedam, NL - The Sugar Factory
11-oct 15 Ottersum, NL - Ropean Podium
20-oct-15 Sorel La Marine Cabaret
21-oct’15 SherbrookeThéàtre Granada
22-oct’15 Laval Maison des Arts
23-oct’15 Lévis L’Anglicane
24-oct’15 Montmagny Ancien Cinéma Tâché
25-oct’15 Rivière du Loup Centre Culturel
27-oct’15 Gatineau Salle Jean Despres
28-oct’15 Trois-Rivières Maison de la culture de Trois-Rivières
29-oct’15 St-Georges de beauce Sale Alphonse Desjardins
30-oct’15 St-Geneviève Salle Pauline Julien




Ridgetop Music UK

Afw-music is delighted to report the signing of a long term co-operation with Dave Travis, owner of Ridgetop Music and Stomper Time Reords in England.

Dave Travis started Ridegetop Music in 1962 and Stomper Time Records, thirty years later, in 1992.

Ridgetop Music is basically a 'Roots' Music Catalogue covering Rockabilly/Rock'n'Roll/Rhythm & Blues/Cajun/Zydeco/Country/Soul with a large number of excellent copyrights.


Magnus Lindgren

Award winning saxophonist, clarinet, and flute player,

Magnus Lindgren has brought together some of the world’s

top vocalists and musicians for his new album “Souls”.

Recorded at New York’s legendary Clubhouse Studios, and

with singers from Brazil, the US, the UK, and Sweden, the

music takes us through a carefully crafted journey full of

image, rhythm, and light.

This album represents a departure for the dynamic Swedish musician, integrating vocal melodies into

what has been largely an instrumental repertoire.


Magnus Lindgren – Saxophon, Flöte, Klarinette,Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Vocals

Leonardo Amuedo – Gitarre

Ira Coleman – Bass

Rhani Krija – Percussion

Marie Fredriksson – Vocals on “On A Sunday”

Mark Reilly – Vocals on “Rainy Day”

Ivan Lins - Vocals on “She Walks This Earth”

Gregory Porter – Vocals on “Broken Heart”,

“Change All The Time”, “Souls”

Rigmor Gustafsson – Vocals on “Dreaming In

New York”

Anna Christoffersson – Vocals on “Change All

The Time”, “Rainy Day”, “Souls”, “Broken Heart”,

“Small Stuff”


"M" in Germany

-M- aka Matthieu Chedid "Îl"

The new album by „M“ aka Matthieu Chedid has just been released in Germany

(September 9, 2013) via LE POP Musik.

During the last 15 years M became one of the most successful artists in France.

With his new abum "Îl" he will certainly grow his German fan base as well.



27.09. Hamburg, Fliegende Bauten@Reeperbahn Festival

28.09. Düsseldorf, Zakk

29.09. Berlin, Astra

02.10. Karlsruhe, Tollhaus



I MUVRINI back in Germany & Holland




02.04.2013 Stuttgart Liederhalle - Mozartsaal

03.04.2013 Mainz Kurfürstliches Schloss zu Mainz

05.04.2013 Köln Theater am Tanzbrunnen

06.04.2013 Bochum Christuskirche

07.04.2013 Hamburg Fabrik


08.04.2013 Amsterdam Paradiso

10.04.2013 Heerlen Parkstadttheater

11.04.2013 Tilburg 013


12.04.2013 Erfurt DasDieBrettl

15.04.2013 München Prinzregententheater



Jill Barber


2013 an extremely positive start for afw-music

„Mischievous Moon“ the great new album of the Canadian exceptional artist Jill Barber will be released on January, 25 through Ferryhouse productions in Germany Switzerland and Austria.


02.03. CH-Zürich - Moods

03.03. Hamburg - Stage Club

04.03. Berlin - Roter Salon

06.03. Frankfurt - Orange Peel

07.03. Stuttgart - Theaterhaus T3



GODEWIND on Christmas tour

November 2012


27.11. 20:00 Hamburg  ::  Weihnachten
29.11. 20:00 Heide  ::  Weihnachten
30.11. 20:00 Wanderup (Trio)  ::  Weihnachten

Dezember 2012    

01.12. 20:00 Burg/Dithm. (Trio)  ::  Weihnachten
02.12. 17:00 Harpstedt  ::  Weihnachten
05.12. 20:00 Lengede (Trio)  ::  Weihnachten
06.12. 20:00 Bremerhaven  ::  Weihnachten
07.12. 20:00 Ratzeburg  ::  Weihnachten
08.12. 14:00 Bremen, Weserfahrt  ::  Weihnachten
09.12. 19:00 Schneverdingen (Trio)  ::  Weihnachten
13.12. 20:00 Lüneburg  ::  Weihnachten
14.12. 20:00 Unna  ::  Weihnachten
15.12. 20:00 Oldenburg  ::  Weihnachten
16.12. 20:00 Hohenwestedt  ::  Weihnachten
18.12. 20:00 Kiel  ::  Weihnachten
19.12. 20:00 Flensburg  ::  Weihnachten
20.12. 20:00 Aurich  ::  Weihnachten
21.12. 20:00 Müden/Aller  ::  Weihnachten
22.12. 20:00 Osnabrück  ::  Weihnachten
23.12. 20:00 Husum  ::  Weihnachten



The new I MUVRINI Album, Imaginà (German Version) will soon be released through EDEL:CONTENT.

Release date: October 26, 2012

Catalogue number: 0208206CIT



Milla Kay

New album „HEARTMADE“ - release date : March 30, 2012  - label : EDEL:CONTENT

You could name it „Singer/Songwriter-Jazz“.  You think NEW YORK, you hear RIO..................... you can’t stop listen to the wonderful songs.




I MUVRINI, the voice of Corsica is back in Germany and Holland.
The tour „Spirit Of Corsica“ starts November 15th. and covers Germany and Holland.
The brand new album A TÈ CORSICA supporting the tour will be released  on
October 14th.


"Spirit Of Corsica" akustik Tour

15.11.2011 - Ludwigsburg - Friedenskirche

16.11.2011 - München - St. Mattäus

18.11.2011 - Düsseldorf - Johanneskirche


19.11.2011 - Hamburg - St. Petri

21.11.2011 - Erfurt - Thomaskirche

22.11.2011 - Dresden - Lukaskirche

23.11.2011 - Berlin - Passionskirche

25.11.2011 - Mainz - Christuskirche

26.11.2011 - NL - Groningen - Martinikerk

27.11.2011 - NL - Amsterdam - De Duif Kerk

28.11.2011 - NL - Tilburg - St. Joseph Kerk



Céline Rudolph

SALVADOR the new album by Celine Rudolph has been released on August 5th. through Boutique/ Universal Music in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.Through the writers  Keren Ann Zeidel  and Benjamin Biolay  afw-music represents   such wonderful songs like  „Wintergarten“ ( Jardin d'hiver ) and „Aussicht“ (Chambre avec vue)




People think of the alphorn as a very simple instrument............... but it’s extremely difficult to play. You have only the naturals at your disposal.

With her album „HEARTBEAT“, released in 2007, the artist fro Switzerland, Eliana Burki, opened up new perspectives for this unwieldy intrument.

June 24, EDEL:CONTENT will release the new album „TRAVELLIN’ ROOT“ in Germany






Afw-music writer Boris Schmidt just got his first big Hit in Holland.

The Dutch top artist  Thomas Berge recorded his song „Mein Wort (bevor Du gehst)“

The Dutsch version of his song, „MIJN WOORD“ released on April 21 through the label Studio One entered the TOP 100 single charts at #11 just one week after release and is stil TOP 10.



afw-music starts co-op with Edel:Kultur

Publisher Adrian Facklam-Wolf and the EDEL division  Edel:Kultur just started a co-operation named edition efw-music Germany administered by FutureWorld Publishing.


Facklam-Wolf, and Dirk Mahlstedt, General Manager Edel:Kultur will concentrate their activities with respect to Jazz, World and neighbouring genres.

The first signings are the Jazz Quartett Mit 4Spiel5 with Martin Meixner, the SwissAlphorn virtuoso Eliana Burki and the Norwegian formation D’SOUND

All three acts will be released through Edel:Kultur


Till Brönner

afw-music is excited to let you know that TILL BRÖNNER, 4 times ECHO AWARD WINNER, just recorded the SEALS & CROFTS Hit "Summer Breeze" for his new album AT THE END OF THE DAY (Island/Universal)

Summer Breeze also became the first single out of this album

release date October 15, 2010



afw-music herewith announce a new exciting signing

MAGNUS LINDGREN with his album BATUCADA JAZZ – Release through ENJA RECORDS (May 14, 2010)


Magnus Lindgren, born 1974 in Västeràs (Sweden) , awarded with many national Swedish awards like „Grammy“ 2001, „Jazz musician of the year“ 2006 etc., etc.

Due to his European touring activities with his own quartett and as member of Nils Landgren’s Funk Unit he is also well known outside Sweden.


His new album BATUCADA JAZZ is a fascinating mixture of artful Jazz and Brasilian percussion.



The two songs „Avenue de Wagram“ and „Belgian Blues“ written by the wellknown Swedish Jazz musician JAN LUNDGREN and „Waltz For Philipp“ written by Mattias Svensson, longtime member of the JAN LUNDGREN TRIO will be used as film music for the new production of 13 Wallander – stories based on crime novels by the wellknown Swedish author Henning Mankel.


Incidentally, a couple of years ago LUNDGREN moved to Ystad in South Sweden, the little town where the main character Kurt Wallander acts as chief inspector........


Boris Schmidt

The debut album ( Wovon Träumst Du / Koch/Universal) of the German artist GERRIT WINTER has just been released. The album contains the wonderful ballad Mein Wort (Bevor Du gehst.......) written by Boris Schmidt, writer/producer who lives in Hamburg.


The next album of the very successful actor/artist Guillaume Devos from Belgium will contain Boris’ song „ Say That I Own Your Heart“. The album will be released in Belgium very soon.


I MUVRINI back in Germany and Holland

End of 2007 they played the wonderful Nokia Night Of The Proms in Germany with big success and three months later, early 2008 they started their own successful German Tour.


In just a coupe of months it’s again I MUVRINI time in Germany & Holland.


Tour 2010

27.02.2010 - Mainz - Christuskirche

28.02.2010 - NL - Groningen - Oosterpoort

01.03.2010 - NL - Amsterdam - Paradiso

02.03.2010 - NL - Tilburg - 013

04.03.2010 - Köln - Theater am Tanzbrunnen

05.03.2010 - Hamburg - Fabrik

06.03.2010 - Berlin - Tipi am Kanzleramt

07.03.2010 - München - Herkulessaal

08.03.2010 - Stuttgart - Theaterhaus


Godewind Christmas tour 2009

26.11. - Heide - Autohaus Stotzem

28.11. - Norderstedt - Tribühne

29.11. - Harpstedt - Ev.-luth. Kirche

01.12. - Detmold - Stadthalle

02.12. - Bardowick - Kirche St. Peter & Paul

03.12. - Bremerhaven 19.00 Uhr - Stadthalle

04.12. - Geesthacht - Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium

05.12. - Leer - Aula der Emsschule

06.12. - Klein Nordende 17.00 Uhr - Bgm.-Hell-Halle

08.12. - Bad Segeberg - Marienkirche

09.12. - Lahstedt (Landkreis Peine) - Bernwardskirche

10.12. - Buchholz - Empore

11.12. - Nordhorn - Alte Weberei

12.12. - Radio Bremen (nicht öffentlich) - Weser

13.12. - Rotenburg/Wümme 19.00 Uhr - Bürgersaal

14.12. - Timmendorfer Strand - Maritim Seehotel

15.12. - Eckernförde - Stadthalle

16.12. - Rantrum - Mehrzweckhalle

17.12. - Kiel - Schloß

18.12. - Unna - Stadthalle

19.12. - Osnabrück - Stadthalle

20.12. - Bremen - Waldau

21.12. - Itzehoe 19.30 Uhr - Theater

22.12. - Flensburg - Deutsches Haus

23.12. - Husum - Kongresshalle



VAN VELZEN’s debut album UNWIND has been released in Germany right now. (Foreign Media Group Germany GmbH,

Bestellnummer: 5028421938691)


In 2008 the multi talent VAN VELZEN reached gold status with his debut album UNWIND in Holand and he got the RADIO



The new GODEWIND Chrismasalbum

Just in time for the GODEWIND Christmas tour 2008 the band from

Scheswig-Holstein in North Germany released their album

“HIER UND HIMMELWEIT”. Beautiful Christmas songs………


"Nordische Weihnacht 2008”


27.11. Heide

30.11. Harpstedt

03.12. Bad Segeberg

04.12. Bremerhaven

05.12. Geesthacht

06.12. Klein Nordende

07.12. Nidderau/Hessen

09.12. Neumünster

10.12. Schleswig

11.12. Hamburg

12.12. Hemmoor

13.12. Hildesheim

14.12. Leer

16.12. Norderstedt

17.12. Itzehoe

18.12. Kiel

19.12. Osnabrück

20.12. Unna

21.12. Bremen

22.12. Flensburg

23.12. Husum

26.12. Melle-Buer



The new MIDSOMMAR album „EIN LIED FÜR DIE LIEBE“ will be released on March 28th. through the label “313 Jwp (Sony BMG)”. The Single “Alles Was Ich Tu” reached position #1 of the German “Schlager airplay TOP 50” and is already available through digital platforms.


Cooperation with WORLD CONNECTION

afw-music is proud to announce that the successful cooperation with the Dutch music company WORLD CONNECTION has just been extended. The catalogue includes wonderful copyrights of such great artists like Sara Tavares, Mariza, Neco Novellas, Mário Pacheco and more ...


Deal with LaboM and AMO BLISS Music

We are delighted to announce a long term deal with the French publishing companies  LaboM and AMO BLISS Music which gives us as first important result the sub publishing rights of the French No. 1 album „ DIVINIDYLLE“ by Vanessa Paradis, released through Universal in Germany. In France the album sold about 500.000 units until today. March 8th. Vanessa Paradis has been awarded as best female singer 2007 and for the best album 2007 with the precious French award "Victoires de la Musique".


I MUVRINI on Tour in Germany!!!

"Terra Humana" Tour 2008


22.02.2008 Hamburg * Fabrik

23.02.2008 Erfurt * Gewerkschaftshaus

24.02.2008 Berlin * Salon des Admiralspalast

25.02.2008 Stuttgart * Theaterhaus

26.02.2008 München * Prinzregententheater

28.02.2008 Köln * Theater am Tanzbrunnen

29.02.2008 Mainz * Christuskirche


I MUVRINI / New album

The new I MUVRINI album  I MUVRINI ET LES 500 CHORISTES will be released on November 30th. through the label SILVER SONIC….just in time for the NOKIA NIGHT OF THE PROMS tour.


A wonderful album with wonderful guest artists like Sarah Brightman, Tina Arena and Anggun.


I MUVRINI / The Nokia Night of the Proms

In Corsica I MUVRINI are national heroes. In Germany the fan base is constantly growing. After they played a very successful tour in France already this year, I Muvrini  will be presented by The Nokia Night Of The Proms to a huge German audience as well. The tour starts in Hamburg on November 30th.


Freitag 30.11.2007 Hamburg (*)

Samstag 01.12.2007 Hamburg (*)

Sonntag 02.12.2007 Bremen 18:00 (*)

Dienstag 04.12.2007 Mannheim (*)

Mittwoch 05.12.2007 Stuttgart (*)

Donnerstag 06.12.2007 München (*)

Freitag 07.12.2007 München

Samstag 08.12.2007 München

Sonntag 09.12.2007 München 14:00 (*)

Dienstag 11.12.2007 Erfurt (*)

Donnerstag 13.12.2007 Hannover (*)

Freitag 14.12.2007 Köln (*)

Samstag 15.12.2007 Köln

Sonntag 16.12.2007 Oberhausen 18:00 (*)

Dienstag 18.12.2007 Düsseldorf (*)

Donnerstag 20.12.2007 Dortmund

Freitag 21.12.2007 Frankfurt

Samstag 22.12.2007 Frankfurt


„Black Book“ started in Germany

On May 10th., the Dutch film production „Black Book“ started in Germany.


The Dutch director, Paul Verhoeven (Basic Instinct/Total Recall /Starship Troopers...........) tells the storey of a Jewish woman, who joins the Hagueb resistance.


afw-music represents the film music, written by Anne Dudley, who already won an Oscar in 1998 for her score to “The Full Monty”.Her scores include “The Crying Game” “Buster”,”Pushing Tin” and the long-running TV series “Jeeves and Wooster”.


The Original soundtrack will be released through Warner Music.


MIA / Tobias Regner / Godewind

MIA’s new album „Zirkus“ already charted end of July at number 2 as highest entry of the German TOP 100 and stays in the album charts now for more than 15 week! Afw-music controls “Je Dis Aime/Ich Sag Liebe” through his writer Matthieu Chedid.


Tobias Regner’s new single “Cool Without You” has been released on Nevember 3rd. through Hansa. AFW-music represent the Dutch writer Nando Eweg who co-wrote the song. Cool Without You is the title track of the US-Blockbuster “Jagdfieber”, the first computer animated movie of Sony Pictures Animation. Start: November 9th 2006 -


The new Godewind Christmas album “NORDISCHE WEIHNACHT” will be released on November 17th, 2006 through the label Moin Musik



In December  2005 Adrian Facklam-Wolf , afw-music and the group I MUVRINI  from Corsica met for the first time in Brussels/Belgium where I MUVRINI played in front of more than 5.000 people in the Forest National Concert Building. In February 2006 I MUVRINI played a very successful show in Hamburg and in May 2006 Adrian Facklam-Wolf and Jean-Francois Bernardini leader of the group, finally signed a long term general sub publishing deal.


DIESE Signing

Adrian Facklam-Wolf (afw-music) and Laurent Manganas (DIESE Productions) from Paris just signed a general sub-publishing contract for the territory of Germany and Austria. Afw-music who already represented the DIESE PRODUCTION shares on the last two CORALIE CLEMENT albums is extremely happy to represent the whole catalogue from January 1, 2006. One of the main writers of DIESE PRODUCTIONS is Benjamin Biolay.Besides the songs he wrote for himself as an artist and for his sister CORALIE CLEMENT he also wrote for artists like HENRI SALVADOR, HOME, DAPHNE and JULIETTE GRECO.


New Signing

During MIDEM 2006 in Cannes/France, the most important International Music Fair, Adrian Facklam Wolf (afw-music) and Nicky Chinn (Nicky Chinn Music Ltd.) met to celebrate the signing of a long term sub publishing agreement for the territory of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


“We are proud to convince such an important and successful writer like Nicky Chinn, who together with his former partner Mike Chapman dominated the POP Scene of the 70s, to work together with afw-music” Adrian Facklam-Wolf said.


Agreement with CP Masters B.V.

In Holland Adrian Facklam-Wolf (afw-music) and André de Raaff (CP Masters B.V.) celebrated the signing of a long-term sub publishing agreement for the territory of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Based on this cooperation, afw-music represents from now on also catalogues like :


„Sephra Music & Justin Grant Music“, „Tobasco Music“, „Storn Harris & Jones“, „Havana-New York Music“ – well known through artists like Kenny Burrell, Chico Hamilton und Paquito D’Rivera.


Godewind / Dezemberträume

Godewind´s new Chrismas-Album, “Dezemberträume”, is released on november 4!


SGO Music Ltd.

afw-music is excited to report that the contract with SGO Music Ltd. has been extended for a further long period. The SGO Music catalogue includes

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