Jill Baber

Inspired by the great ladies of song like Ella Fitzgerald and Edith Piaf, Barber reached for a place on the international stage with the release of her last record, 2008’s Chances. It was a turning point in her career, says Barber. “I think it’s important to experiment and try on a number of musical hats to a point, but eventually you have figure out what your own contribution is going to be. 

As a performer, Jill Barber charms her audiences while weaving a kind of romantic spell.  Indeed, romance plays a huge role in both her life and her art. “Chances represented the courtship phase of my career”, she muses. “With Mischievous Moon, we’re getting intimate. The romance is alive and well, but there’s something deeper to be uncovered.” 

Jill Barber

Tell Me

Published on 25.01.2013



date :January 25, 2013

label : ferryhouse productions

distribution: warner music group


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