David Mindel

Soul Searchers is David Mindel’s first musical. Musical theatre has always been his passion. Mindel joined his first band in the sixties. He also teamed up with an old school friend in a duo called David and David releasing two self-penned singles, produced by Gus Dudgeon (Elton John’s producer), on EMI records’ Columbia Label. Other artistes became interested in Mindel’s songs. Olivia Newton John performed ‘Someday’ on ‘A Song For Europe’. Mindel then penned John Travolta’s first hit ‘Whenever I’m Away from You’, co-written with Gary Benson. The pair also wrote Gary’s hit, ‘Don’t Throw It All Away’, a song that has been a hit four times, has been recorded by dozens of artists and now features in The Soul Searchers.

Mindel then lead the cult ‘70’s psychedelia’ band, Esprit de Corps, while simultaneously enjoying top five hits covering the Country, R&B and Reggae charts with stars like Mud, Musical Youth, The Shadows, Peters and Lee, The Delphonics, China Black, Stacy Lattisaw, Gino Cunico, another recorded by Olivia Newton John and many more.He has composed film scores, parodies for Rory Bremner, ballet (performed by stars such as  Wayne Sleep and Wayne Eagling), award winning documentaries and has given master classes at the Royal Academy of Music. He has won more awards than he can remember, including two New York Clios, an ILR statuette, a British Academy nomination, wins at the New York and Dublin film festivals and, of course, those he can’t remember.

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